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Integration Developer Network formed to get integration Developers, Administrators and professionals certified. Every user who Joins IDN by registering and creating their IDN Profile passes through the point based system which allocates the registered users points for their contributions to IDN. On reaching specified thresholds users get sponsorship for Certification from IDN.


As of now the point Threshold for getting a sponsorship from IDN is set at 10,000 on reaching 10,000 milestone we will register you and sponsor your Certification from one of the options listed below each worth 600 USD(appx) check your points...

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Available Certification Sponsorships



webMethods 8 Certified ESB Developer

webMethods 8.2 Certified BPM Developer

webMethods 8.2 Certified CAF Developer


CentraSite Certified SOA Governance Professional (based on ActiveSOA)



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Also you can redeem your points and get cash through Paypal, get gifts from Amazon. Check points meter.


So, what you are waiting for. Log on and get benefitted from IDN