Configuring Territories

Configuring Territories

OS: WindowsOS

Platform: webMethods 6.1

Territories: An integration platform can contain multiple Brokers that operate in groups called Territories


In the above example if a document is published by a client say client 1 it is published in Broker A and that published document is also available in the remaining three brokers B, C and D which are placed inside a territory. 

Rules Concerning Territories 


Ø A Broker that is not part of a territory does not have knowledge of any other Broker.

Ø Brokers within a territory have knowledge only of the other Brokers currently in the same territory.

Ø Once a Broker leaves a territory, it loses knowledge of all other Brokers in the territory.

Ø A Broker can be a member of only one territory at a time. To change from one territory to another, a Broker must leave the first territory and then join the second.

Ø Two or more Brokers on the same host can be members of different territories.

Ø Operations on document types and client groups affect all Brokers in the territory. 


Ø All Brokers in a territory share the same client groups and document types. In effect, they appear to operate under a single configuration.

Ø A territory cannot be empty. To create one, you must find a Broker that does not belong to any other territory. 

Creating a Territory 

Ø First go to WmBrokerAdminPage (http://localhost:5555WmBrokerAdmin)

Ø Add two servers by giving host name 
Ø Now we can see two servers that have been added as shown below

Ø  Click on one of the Broker Servers and you will get Broker Server page

Ø Now click on Brokers .It displays all brokers in your server

Ø  Click on one of the Broker that you want to associate with a Territory.

Ø  Now click on “Create a New Territory” link.


 Ø  Now give the Territory name that you want to create (Example B1B2)

Ø Click on Create Button

Ø  Now we can see that B1B2 Territory is created for Broker #1@hostname

Ø Now go to Broker Administration page and click on another server.

Ø Broker Server page will be displayed. Now click on Brokers in navigation panel and then it will show all brokers in that server as shown below

Ø  Now click on one of the Brokers available.

Ø Now it will display as shown below

Ø  Now we can create another new Territory or you can join in the existing Territory

Ø If we click on “Join an Existing Territory” then it will display as shown below 

Ø  Select the Territory that you want to join and click on Join button

Ø Click on “Territories” in navigation panel. Now you can see all the Brokers in the Territory  


Now, if you publish a document to any one broker the document will be available with all the brokers inside the territory.








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