Creating a sample flow service at webmethods developer

TASK: create a sample service

OS: Windows

Platform: webMethods 7.1.2



Create a sample serviceat webMethods Developer and execute or run the service 

1)      In the Acme package, in the acme.PurchaseOrder.wrok folder, create a flow service called customWriteToLog.

      2)  Add two string inputs to the new service, called inStr1 and inStr2.  


3) Add three service steps to the new service, as follows:




a) pub.flow:debugLog  

b) pub.string:toUpper

c) pub.string:concat


4) Using the shift up and shift down arrow icons, re-order the services to the following:

a) pub.string:concat

b) pub.string:toUpper

c) pub.flow:debugLog 





5) Map the data flow of your input through the services, as follows:

a) pub.string:concat

i) inStr1 should map to inString1

ii) inStr2 should map to inString2 





Drop the unused variables in every step, so not to carry these variables in the pipeline.

b) pub.string:toUpper

i) value should map to inString 





c) pub.flow:debugLog

i) value should map to message 



6) Save and run the service. Provide string inputs of your choice.  



7) Check the results pane of the Developer, and then confirm that the service executed successfully by checking the server log. 

Execute the service using key F7 or through the Run button in Developer



8) Unlock your service, as you are now done with your development on this service.




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