webMethods Sample Java Service to concatenate two strings

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webMethods Sample Java Service to concatenate two strings

Task: Concatenating the Strings to get the desired Result Few steps to follow:

-> Create a default folder structure and within the same right click new and select a JAVA service and give it a name say “demo1”.

-> The resulting screen which gets displayed after you create the JAVA Service as shown below.

-> Include the Input and Output parameters for the JAVA service in the input/output box of the pane as shown below just as a normal flow service.

-> In the MENU BAR go to Tools ->Generate Code.

-> A pop-up window appears where click on the radio button option “For Implementing this service” and click Next.

-> In the Code Generation dialog box select both the options under specification along with the All Fields option and Click the Finish button

-> On Clicking finish a pop-up will appear saying “The generated code has been added to the clipboard. Click OK to continue.

 -> Perform an action ctrl+V on the empty pane above the specification which will get you the resulting IdataCursor and pipelineCursor.


1.   IdataCursor: It is the one which speaks to IData util package available in the jar files.


2.   PipelineCursor: It helps in maintaining the data in the pipeline



-> Time for writing a JAVA Service: Declare the try/catch Block as any java service.

-> Initialize the result as String and include the logic for Concatenation inside the try block and save it.


-> Click on the RUN Button to execute the service after which a pop up will appear prompting for input.

-> On Clicking the OK tab, we get the result in the Results pane as shown below


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