webMethods step by step creation and implementation of Hash Table

webMethods step by step creation and implementation of Hash Table:

Go to and copy all the services in your empty flow:

Specify the below input and output variables.

Your Create HashTable service would be creating HashTable(to store your key and references)

If you run it it will show the below output (empty HashTable) created

Now, map and execute the put service, used to put key and value pair in your Hash Table

When you run the put service after mapping, the output will be the Key 'A' and the value 'a'

Again insert one more Key and value pair in the HashTable.

After you run you can find the result with two key and value pairs

Listkeys service is used to list all the keys in your HashTable

Result after running will be the Keys (A and B)

Likewise you can get the value of a Key by passing your key

Result for Key B value is b

Service size is used to get the size of HashTable

Since we have inserted only two key and value pairs, the result(size) is 2

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written by Hasan, January 12, 2014

Thanks for replying. I am bit confused on this.I have two services ServA and ServB in a ServA i am creating hashtable, and I want to get the content of same hashtable in ServB if in ServB i call a hashtable.get service from where will I get the hashtable(object) to pass as input in serviceB
written by Vikram, January 02, 2014
Hi Hasan,
Yes, you can use hastable.get service in different service with hashtable as input..but you should be putting some key pairs in your previous service before you use the get service and pass your hashtable(object/variable) along with keys(object/variable) as inputs to your new service.
written by Hasan, December 27, 2013
Is it put possible to use hastable.get service in different service as it using hatable as input. In this case you have created the hastable and retrieved the data(get) in the same service. I want to create a hastable in differnt service and hashtable get in differnt service

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