webMethods step by step XML over Trading Networks


Task: XML over Trading Networks

OS: WindowsOS

Platform: webMethods 6.1




Recevier Side:


Step1: Create Doc Type for XML in wmTN console

click on xml

click on file folder in order to browse sample xml file  and open it.

And click on extract tab,

Note: Here have to set the Root  Tag  by clicking on the set button




Add querries for the sender id as above (check in the required button and put Built –in Option as DUNS) and has to paste the sender query content in the query text box.

Simillary follows the respective receiver id and userstatus(built- in option for user status is String.). Click OK button (Leave the namespace and options tabs for the time being).


Step 2: Create the processing Rule





click on Above option

Enter the processing rule name and set the Sender ,receiver trading partners  and Doctype for the processing rule.



Click on Action tab and select the Execute service option and create a new service



by clicking on the folder button and give name of new service and its place to save.




and develop the service as below.







Go to the Admin console of Sender side and->click Trading Network option in solutions



Click on the Submit document to another Trading Networks.




Enter the above entries

    Protocol :HTTP

    Host : receciver host name

    Port : Recevier port

    And receiver user name and p/w.

And also paste the xml document with proper sender and receiver ids. 

And click on Submit button.

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